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Guest blog:eleanor

My name is Eleanor youngest of the weston family.I draw characters and graffiti art. This is Stevie G the two toed pigeon, he lives in Liverpool. Continue reading

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Sunday Walk – 9th January 2010

It was a lovely day so we decided to go for a walk despite the snow. We decided to go to Blackford Pond in Edinburgh thinking it would be a flat walk. It turned out that we ended up climbing up Blackford Hill then had the fun of trying to find a w… Continue reading

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Keeping the kids amused

Since Eleanor was nine months we have been traveling. As the children grew up we started to invent games. The first time I remember this was in Key West when the kids and Terry started playing rock, paper, scissors except they added in a few new o… Continue reading

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Cadbury World

Well it’s Friday so it was time to move on. We headed towards our next destination – Birmingham. The first stop was Cadbury World. We were early as we were booked to go on the tour at 1.30pm but we managed to change it for an earlier time. As we s… Continue reading

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After our trip to Stonehenge we headed north to Avebury. We had a quick stop in Malborough to collect some food for a picnic. We had a picnic in front of one of the stones. Unlike Stonehenge, we could touch the stones. The stones in Avebury are al… Continue reading

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Eleanor’s Physics of picking your nose

Eleanor wrote this note on the physics of picking your nose and I thought I’d share it. She is interested in science having recently read a book on the periodic table she is reading about physics as well as enjoying Uncle Albert stories. Continue reading

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