This is the blog of the Weston Family – our adventures home and abroad.

We are a family of four – Terry (dad), Anne Marie (mum) and two teenage children – Eleanor and Matthew.

We live in Scotland and enjoy travelling near and far. This blog was started when we went to Washington, D.C. 2009. It has moved around various blog sites and has finally settled here.

The main author is Anne Marie with the odd contributions from other family members. It’s written as a memory for us as well as sharing our experiences with friends and family.

Hope you enjoy our blog, please feel free to comment.

2 Responses to About

  1. Rachel Reid says:

    Hey Weston family! I was at Aston uni and wonder if your Terry is the same one I knew? I heard “Another girl, another planet” twice on 6 music yesterday and was prompted to search. If it is he, he may remember me as Terri? Hope you don’t mind this out of the blue contact! Great blog BTW!

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