Glengoyne Distillery

A common theme to our days out or trips away is there is usually a trip to a distillery included in our travels. This trip was no exception. This time it was a visit to Glengoyne distillery just north of Glasgow. Despite its proximity to Glasgow it is a Highland distillery though it’s warehouses are in the lowlands.

As we arrived early for our tour we took a walk to the back of the distillery where the original source water of for Glengoyne whisky is – the water used is now taken Loch Carron. We found a very pretty waterfall.

We returned to the shop and were greeted by our tour guide Arthur. Like many distillery tours our starting point was watching an introductory film about the distillery but unlike many tours this was when we got our dram! I had to put my dram in a container as I was driving, though I did have a smell and sip beforehand.

The film over the main tour began. Like most distilleries, Glengoyne has its barley malted off site, but in the malting process no peat is used. Instead the barley for Glengoyne whisky is malted using an anthracite smokeless coal. The flavours for this whisky comes in the distillation and maturation process. The stills are much smaller and the low wines from the first distillation are slowly distilled in two smaller stills. Then in the maturation only oak casks are used.

The tour over it was back to the shop to purchase a bottle. Unlike other distilleries where your tour prices is then discounted on a bottle of whisky, there were discounted ticket prices on all bottles including miniatures.

We have visited several distilleries on our travel each one different and Glengoyne did not disappoint. Glengoyne is owned by Ian McLeod distilleries, a small Scottish company who have a few other distilleries including Spencerfield which make Edinburgh gin and Rosebank in Falkirk which they are in the process of restoring.

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